General Contractor


General Contractor Services

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive services and custom-tailored solutions. Owners can be assured of the quality and dedication of the Collier Construction staff and our extensive resources, which we tailor to meet the unique needs of each owner and project.

We offer a wide range of owner services, including construction management services, general contracting, and LEED consulting.

Collier Construction carries a large following of qualified subcontractors and we have capabilities to self-perform, in order to ensure quality and schedule control.

Our track record is consistent, stable, and remains unchanged for 25 years – every project has been completed on time and on budget.

Collier Construction has extensive experience with both competitive bid and negotiated contract projects with respect to general contracting services.

Competitive Bid

Beginning with the initial client meeting, Collier Construction establishes a strong working relationship with all project parties, including Owners, Architects, Engineers, and others.

Our philosophy of bringing everyone on-board from the beginning ensures project success throughout the entire construction process. Likewise, our long and successful history with trusted, knowledgeable subcontractors enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations at every level.

Negotiated Contract

Negotiated contracts enable us to work closely with Owners to select subcontractors on the basis of quality workmanship, price, and performance. This type of contract provides many advantages. First and foremost, it gives us the ability to impact project costs and exceed expectations by closely collaborating with Owner, Architect and Engineers.